Windows 8 new release ready

Microsoft had promised the release candidate of Windows 8 for early June, and it did. In the past few hours from Steven Sinofsky blog dedicated to the development of Windows 8 has announced the availability of Windows 8 Release Preview download in both 32 and 64 bits.
Now the development team is working to improve this aspect and is scheduled for launch support for 100 languages.

Preview Release corresponds to the build number 8400, which dates back to about a week ago: This release was beyond the control of Microsoft and some screenshots have appeared online were in Chinese. And just last week has focused the bulk of the work of locating the first group selected by Microsoft and validation of the various builds.

The next event is the RTM (Release To Manufacturer) wait between not less than 60 days, then get to the month of October with the final release. Much of the work is done, probably in RTM Windows 8 will not be very different from anything seen so far, but some new features and implementations have already been announced in recent weeks, such as the replacement of Aero, which would seem to be in Release Preview still present. We use the conditional, because as we write this news is still being downloaded and installed on our test system.

In the Preview Release Microsoft says it has improved the app Metro preinstalled with the operating system and have added the other. Although the store is an additional source to enhance and customize your system. The developers have also worked to SkyDrive and Hotmail integration and improving the user experience, but great attention is paid to the Internet Explorer 10, which, as announced in recent days, will support Flash technology for a limited number of web sites selected by Microsoft. This is something we’re going to look into.

Among the new features also signal the renewed support for multimonitor extensively described in recent days in this study. From several sources the Preview Release is defined sufficiently complete and stable, so for those who want to try to preview and first-hand the innovation of the new operating system is now time to install.

For those who have already installed the Consumer Preview is provided a method of upgrade, also applies to Windows Developer Preview, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. The following table shows the details and differences. It should create a directory Windows.old containing the old data, in ways similar to what has been done by Microsoft in the past in similar situations.

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