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The latest operating system from Microsoft, and spread very quickly among Tempoe PC owners because it represents a great advance over the old Windows XP and has better performance than the much-criticized Windows Vista Therefore the adoption of the new Seven was pretty quick because he felt the need at all levels.

The transition to a new system, however, can result in various problems of compatibility levels of hardware components and particularly from the driver, it’s not always the manufacturers of hardware devices and drivers are fast in updating the new requirements.

Microsoft says that in many cases, the Vista drivers work fine with Windows 7, while in other cases, when the new features of Windows 7 multi-touch screen, the new drivers are needed. Hardware manufacturers have chosen whether to create new drivers to take advantage of Windows 7, and here comes the advice: if you find new drivers designed specifically for Windows 7 install them, do not keep the old ones or even for Vista – amesso that work – for Xp
The performance and system stability will certainly be increased, and slowdowns and crashes decreased significantly.

Just the massive adoption, Windows 7 is now the most widely used Microsoft operating system, has prompted many producers to renew fast drivers, which had not occurred for Vista, if not slowly.

The choice is now between manually find the necessary drivers, comparing the current version and the most recently placed in the support section, download the reference sites of the manufacturers, but rather difficle process is not long to be redone in time, or use programs like Driver Genius, which in a few moments comparing your drivers with the latest released and allow you to download the ones you need without wasting time.

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