WebGL Windows graphics drivers are at risk, here is the test

Recently, some security companies that analyze the potential dangers on the net, showed that the Windows graphical code WebGL can expose to hackers due to structural weaknesses of the code that put children at risk of intrusion ‘s entire computer.
The more advanced graphics capabilities of web browsers allow you to make more and more appealing to surf the Internet, but also require more hardware resources and more constantly updating video drivers, a procedure often neglected by users, as long as the PC does not crash.
WebGL is currently used primarily by Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, and helps to create 3D graphics in browsers, including Internet Explorer, for example, is not enabled by default.
a delicate situation that led Google to think about the option to disable the graphics WebGL, which would allow the transfer of malicious code dall’user mode to kernel mode, all this just by visiting websites with malicious code that uploads data to a genre using the video card driver buggy or outdated, so the graphics system hardware can be attached to your PC and causing blockages crash suspect.

To see if your WebGL is enabled or not use this site:

If you see an image is activated, if you see a white schemro is disabled.

To remedy this situation, which is less dangerous on Intel hardware or ATI, you can disable the WebGL on Chrome:

1) right click on the link Google Chrome
Property 3) Tab
4) change the path to:
C: Users username AppData Local Google Chrome Application -disable-chrome.exe WebGL

Other solutions could come from new graphics drivers for ATI and Nvidia, though it will not be easy, as the web design is distinct in design than the normal game, this to make rendering more Fast.

far the best approach is to not use the browser that is enabled by default WebGL, WebGL or disable the browser.

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