VIA USB 3.0 controller with the new flash devices

This week Via announced the launch of two new USB 3.0 controller and its drivers.
The new USB 3.0 controller dubbed VL752 and VL753 were developed to think of USB 3.0 devices equipped with the latest NAND Flash memory chips, including chips manufactured in 19nm process, 20nm and 21Nm.
The new controllers have been certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) for use with USB SuperSpeed ​​3.detta also.

The VIA VL752 USB 3.0 controller Evia devices with the new dual-channel flash controller VIA VL753 with only one channel offers a data transfer rate up to 280 MB / s, a flexible bad blocks, NAND Flash support for DDR 200 MHz ECC engine and a robust full integrity of recorded data.

Into The new controller for USB 3.0 NAND Flash bring a physical size smaller than its predecessors. Their small size allow development of small plates which in turn will lead to more compact devices. The drivers are already being distributed by partners EIA.

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