Update the drivers for Mozilla Firefox

Similar to what has already happened with Google Chrome, the developers of the new version of Firefox 4, have strongly recommended that users update the drivers, particularly video, to avoid problems and frequent crashes while browsing the web.

I seem to crash in particular due to the acceleration hardware, a feature increasingly used in page navigation and graphic-intensive video. A problem so common that Mozilla has forced engineers to turn off graphics acceleration on the computer with outdated drivers and updated, to avoid annoying the browser is closed. The average user might think that it is firefox 4 to have stability issues, and instead of updating drivers, you may stop using firefox for example and return to Internet Explorer.

To avoid such problems it is appropriate to use a software management as a driver Driver Genius Professional, which allows to quickly find what drivers to update, because the manufacturers often release updates as various bug fixes, improvements of performance and so on.
With the increasing complexity of PC systems, both fixed and mobile, remember to make updates is that it is often difficult even for computer experts, and it is almost impossible for those who turn on the PC just to work fast and is not used to ensure its maintenance, only to fall victim to the crash continues, restart your computer and slow in this case often brings the PC to a technician when it would be enough just to have a PC always on top.



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