Uninstall the old drivers before any update?

Many do not think and just download a new driver for their video card and install it right away, eager to make the new video game of the moment and its graphics directx, but the correct way to install an update is to uninstall the old drivers first.

It’s true that it is not strictly necessary to remove the old drivers, but to avoid any kind of problem can be useful, but wastes time, as well as it should always uninstall the old drivers to restart Windows to make the changes even in the registry, otherwise the procedure is useless.

Usually driver updates can be installed over the existing drivers without causing any damage to the operating system, but some problems may occur especially for video cards. If you’re in a hurry you can still instalalre the driver over the previous one, even èerchè in 99% of cases if you have encountered problems when updating the driver and the PC crashes or fails to complete the operation, it is always can repeat the procedure and ricomiciare dall’inzio first removing the old driver.

In general, driver updates only require a standard installation, and no reason to waste time mc’è not sure if that is necessary.

Recovery with the backup of the previous driver with Driver Genius

Another reason to not remove the old driver before installing the new one is that if it does not work, you can restore the previous driver, Driver Genius also because it has the ability to backup the drivers, which is also useful to restore the old drivers who had never had problems.

Driver Genius is therefore ideal for managing the driver software on the PC and it will be possible to return to a previous version of a driver if an update is far from satisfactory, what it all ‘ anything but easy to do manually.

Driver Genius (downlod the software here) does all this work for you, lascindovi only the best of your computer and avoiding loss of time or the management of personal archives drivers, so no need to remember the drivers, but only to launch periodically automatic scan.

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