The new drivers facilitate the transition to Windows 7

All manufacturers of hardware devices and know the importance of releasing updated drivers for new operating systems, and also knows that Microsoft has learned its lesson with Windows Vista, a falimento delel in terms of sales because there are also been a lot of driver problems.
With Windows 7, otherwise things are going, after a year and a half after its release, we can say that it was a success, although many people still use Windows XP, while a few are staying with Windows Vista. The success of Seven, was also due to the fact that the producers have released new drivers fairly quickly, a factor crucial to the migration to convince a large number of users.

not enough that an operating system has many innovations, they must be fully available quickly, remember the many problems and driver installation with Windows Vista? and the protests of millions of users?
Microsoft seems to have learned his lesson and has pressed for producers velocizzasssero the adoption of new drivers, and not all responded quickly, many have worked hard to release updated drivers or at least compatible.

2011 will be the year of the passage of many other users, even business to Windows 7, thanks to the release of many new drivers for hardware not specify recently, leading to greater system stability and performance.
The first companies to migrate to a new operating system, require performance and stability, because the investment is planned and if there are sufficient safeguards, many companies do not make the step, as taught by the story of Windows Vista.

course, Microsoft does not control the availability of drivers, and only a small part be delivered with the operating system or through downloads from its database; often thought that the company has almost all of them, but for the most part not so, and accorgesene just install and see how many devices can not work if not by their specific driver.

With a more careful planning of this aspect, such as the release of specific time, many manufacturers have enthusiastically welcomed the new Windows 7 dpo and have recently launched many new drivers were available for download. Many new devices have long been compatible with Windows 7 and can replace the old without any problems.
While the use of virtual machine XP mode, only available with the Professional version is ultimante, can only be a help in certain cases, a few hundred, when the hardware is not really supported in any way.

Thanks to programs like Driver Genius, migration to the new system has become easier anyway, and do not have to worry about finding the drivers.

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