Problems with USB drivers

According to recent research among computer users, the major problems encountered in the use of USB peripherals are concerned specifically with the drivers, who have led the way among all the types of problems.

The research highlights the fundamental importance of the presence of an appropriate driver, which can occur in time to avoid the problems of various kinds, including the inability of the computer and the Windows operating system properly detect the USB device that is too often “socnosciuta” and therefore not usable. This succedde usually when the standard drivers do not work, because you need specific drivers, or because even if it installed the first time, the driver is removed by mistake or terminated “corrupt” for the intervention of a malicious program.

The use of a generic driver may also operate the USB device, but often it does not make maximum use of Velca and can inhibit some advanced features, a real shame, given the increasing number of specialized devices.

piuyttosto Another case frequently is precisely the low-speed operation of the USB port, which we realize when we notice that even small files to transfer, it takes several minutes to more than half an hour and beyond in the case of films, this can happen because a driver can operate incorrectly bearish categories of USB instead of 3.0 or 2.0 to 1.1 can only go to the device and then with a speed of a snail with the standards of most 10 years ago. The new Windows 7 shows the actual transfer speed of copying files in the window, in the case of a USB 2.0 port should be somewhere between 10 and 20 mb / s, if we see instead is going to only 1-2 mb / s then there is something wrong, probably in the drivers, if the USB stick recently.

But then where to find the right driver? is not always easy, because many devices and drivers are often different, so to avoid wasting time conciene use Driver Genius Professional will because once installed, download and install the correct drivers for all USB devices that connect to the PC .

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