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In search of continuous improvement of its operating systems, Microsoft increased the security of its Windows 64-bit drawing attention to the signed drivers for the latest version of its operating system. The digital drivers are unsigned, that is not official, but must be loaded may be authorized by the user at each system restart. Microsoft is increasingly advising people to use signed drivers hoping to eliminate hazards to load drivers suspected malware attacks designed to do, and also to prevent disorder and system crashes due to drivers not functioning properly.

Not all systems are vulnerable to attack, but if you have outdated versions of Java or Adobe Reader, you are at risk, so there is PatchGuard, a feature designed to protect the 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server.
The first step, of course, is to ensure that systems with vulnerable versions of Java, and Reader are protected with the patch. These patches come from the manufacturer and can be applied easily by turning in the background without consuming resources.

If you have anti-malware programs that do not work properly, it will issue warnings or never show unusual behavior, this could be a clue that something is wrong with the OS and drivers installed. This underlines the importance of maintaining your system, including s and applications to date; hackers and malicious programmers try exploits in popular applications and operating system extensions. Most people think that the operating system flaws are the only source of insecurity, but keep your operating system patches and updated drivers is of limited value if not keep uptodate applications.

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