Intel Chipset Driver

Intel is not only the world’s largest producer of computer processors such as the recent i7 i5 but also by many secondary processors on the motherboard such as chipsets that allow you to perform many basic operations and contribute allavelocit√† system that begins just the mainboard.

The Intel chipset is a set of circuits of the mainboard which is responsible for managing a multitude of information about the system bus, peripherals, fast connections between the processor and memory and RAM many other functions, it is essential to both the driver installation (operation of which is often forgotten) immediately after installing the Windows operating system, and updating them by seeking them directly on the site of the manufacturer in this case the Intel .

devices in Device Manager or see a yellow exclamation mark on the name of the chipset, it means that the driver is not installed or is not suitable for the type of chipset.

The list of Intel’s chipset family is a long one:

Intel X58, X48 and X38 are the most recent, along with Intel P67, H67, H57 and H55, which have built-in video encoding and thus could also work directly with onboard video.
More recent are those of the series chipset Q57, Q45, Q43 and P55, P45 and P43.

While a few years ago we find the Intel G33, G31 and 945G, and many more.

If we do not have the motherboard manual and do not know the model eSATA chipset on the motherboard can use Driver Genius for easy identification, which is not easy, especially for laptops. In this way we can easily bypass the search, without the need for more data as the version and service pack of the operating system or brand of laptop.

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