Install drivers for removable media

are increasingly common even though they are often called by other names, removable devices, also known as removable media, why do not belong directly to a desktop or laptop computer but are detachable and therefore portable.

We are talking about pendriver, DVD Rom, magnetic tapes for backup, external hard disks with USB or otherwise, and other categories, which have in common the ability to carry with them increasing amounts of data, which can be read or written

In later versions such as Windows 7 and 8, when you connect an external device the Microsoft system detects it and do an on the fly to one of the drivers compatible generic available. In most cases this is fine and allows you to use the removable disk with the default settings, this happens every time you insert such a pendrive into the USB port.

The question becomes more complex is the most advanced devices and capable of speeds greater potential as an external drive, which is usually provided with Driver created directly from the manufacturer in order to take advantage of its features such as compatibility with the new USB 3.0 standard.

The same goes for the new SSD to USB drives or faster hard drives or Firewire port E-sata, which require different specific, otherwise we risk that I have the ultimate technology and not exploit it to the fullest!
In fact, as with other hardware, if you do not install and update drivers often you are likely to have a modern PC but slow, but it is not the fault of the components or Windows, but of ourselves that we do not do the proper maintenance of driver

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