How to find, install and update the drivers of our computers with Windows

This article summarizes the activities that many thousands of users of computers possibly every month, and there are so many methods to make the task of installing and updating the drivers on our PCs in the end less understood the topic somewhat confused or end up amazed that a method was not doing them as promised.

We are aware that currently the subject of installation or upgrade drivers we is probably one of the most searched topics and as mentioned there are different ways to carry it out, a simpler, more effective, some more reliable, other more automated.

In the next article we will see only one of many methods available. Which will outline is the method I use personally and in no way intended to be considered the best method of all available, but only a reference to all the equally valid alternatives.

The method in question which I will discuss is the installation and manual update of drivers, knowing the model of the device whose driver you want to install and update , go to the manufacturer’s website and download the appropriate version for your operating system the PC.

Many perhaps, this method does not find it very comfortable since currently most sought is process automation using programs developed specifically to perform this task with just a few clicks and it’s why I could say things like best use Driver Genius or I have a page online scan my computer and tell me what drivers I need.

As I mentioned methods there , and many, but we will explain below is what I personally use Driver Genius on computers that I have at my expense any other method  and it is that which I want to share . But of course, as with everything, there are advantages as mention below.

Among the benefits using Driver Genius Professional:

Drivers completely safe, because when downloaded from the manufacturer’s website will know that is clean of malware.
The latest versions of drivers , then download them from the manufacturer’s website can always download the latest version compatible with our system.
Reliability , as there is nothing more secure than receiving device software hands reputable company that created it.
Full control of the user, since the failure to automate the process with third-party programs , we will know at all times what they are downloading and where you get.

Fast and automatic Driver download with Driver Genius, try it for free!

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