Drivers FAQ

Some interesting FAQ answers to frequently users doubts  about drivers maintenance.

1) When I install Windows, it is not supposed to and install all the drivers suitable for my PC ?

That’s in theory, and although Windows has very good support with the most current hardware, not always install all the drivers as much depends on the particular hardware of your PC. This last mentioned applies to all editions of Windows force so far, from Windows XP to the latest Windows 8.

When we install Windows, it installs , usually the drivers of those devices that can recognize, and while your database is large, not always install all, nor necessarily the most appropriate. Without being very strict on the issue in general terms Windows install drivers or generic drivers for devices that fails to recognize, and while Windows usually manages to work properly with these generic drivers, it is always best to use the original drivers from the manufacturer to achieve better team performance , especially in those important hardware devices such as graphics card, audio and network by giving practical examples.

2) What are the important devices whose drivers are not usually installed with Windows ?This purely depends on the hardware and the reason is exposed in the previous question. After installing Windows and PC hardware dependent, the most common devices whose drivers are not installed the audio card and wireless network usually a laptop.

Therefore, if after installing Windows , your system does not have sound or can not connect to wireless internet Wi -Fi, do not worry it is something quite common and require only install the appropriate drivers to solve the problem. In more fortunate cases does it come to install all drivers on your PC and is sure that computer has a hardware highly recognized for that version of Windows you installed. As mentioned, it depends on the hardware of each PC.

3) What are the important devices whose drivers are installed along with Windows but are not always the most appropriate?Here you can enter the same two previous driver audio card and wireless network, but also one whose driver, without a doubt, it is highly recommended to always install from the website of the actual manufacturer, I mean the graphics card or Video Card, is that the Windows install is not always the right one to get the correct performance of the graphics card.

I put a concrete example of why not always commented that Windows installs the correct driver to get the performance of the system. Just over a year ago formatie a PC that was putting on Windows 7, it was a PC manufacturer whose graph is ATI, well it turned out that after installing Windows 7, windows looked huge and clumsy , like the edges of windows, icons and the taskbar , all in a rough and unattractive appearance. Clearly the first thing you would do is go to customize the screen resolution and change it to one that gives a better look, but what if the current resolution is the maximum allowed and can not be improved?
Moreover, knowing that our graph itself allows better resolution but apparently Windows is not allowing us better for some reason. Well, this is a typical case of a generic Windows driver is not suitable for our team. The solution is simple find, download and install the original driver from the manufacturer of the graphics card, we will have done better management and , of course, better performance of the graphics card so we can just improve the resolution and thereby improve the general appearance of the system.

4) Can I install any driver on my PC or laptop?Definitely not. The drivers are specific and unique for each device model . Installing a driver not made for a certain component model can lead to instability of the whole system and even chances are you get the already well known BSOD the Blue Screen Of Death. So evitate major problems and drivers do not install without being completely sure that is correct for your computer.

5). Drivers will install or update it with the process of this tutorial, but how exactly do if I do not have internet because the network driver is not installed on the PC ?

Well, if for some reason or very unlucky not the network driver installed with Driver Genius software here at least you know the model and manufacturer, and such data is but obvious that you would have to resort to another PC that has with internet to find and download the driver from the device and then store it in a storage medium such as a USB flashdrive. Finally saved the driver files, go back to PC and install offline.

If you have a laptop, probably after a Windows installation , the controller of the wireless antenna will be installed and then you’d have to apply the process I mentioned in the enterior paragraph to connect to the Internet . Moreover, notebooks apart from the connection by Wi -Fi, also include the Ethernet connection  pathway and the latter usually should present no problems, it should work to connect to the internet, so if you have momentary access to the router and you can move an ethernet cable to your computer would be more quiet as you can use it to connect to the Internet and install all the missing drivers for your laptop.

6. If I have a laptop, it would be best to check the computer model and go to the website of the brand or company that sells?On laptop is a good idea , but you should bear in mind that companies that sell computer equipment such as Asus, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo,Sony, HP and others, can not always get their websites the latest drivers for your computer you are, but no doubt you will have in one place all the drivers on your computer even if they are old.

What I would suggest in these cases is the following. Remember in question 1  commented that it is always better to use the original drivers from the manufacturer to achieve a better performance of the computer? Especially in those? Important hardware devices such as audio or video card? Well, you can do the following.
Use the latest drivers from the actual manufacturer of these important devices (nVidia , ATI, Intel Graphics, etc) and then for all other components use Driver Genius professional automatic update.