Driver Installation

Drivers are vital components for a computer to work properly, we will see how to install, since there are various ways, depending on the situation and how we have available, is a task that you can not jump, since that if the drivers are not installed many functions will give problems.

Here are the steps necessary to prevent loss of time from the beginning and have your PC ready:

1) After installing the Windows operating system as Windows 7/8 or Windows XP, we will have to install a driver for every hardware component of the PC, plus one for each device that will add as printers, scanners, etc..
The first driver to install is the chipset of the motherboard, such as the Intel chipset drivers, or similar, and these are usually supplied on a CD in the package of the motherboard, and if we can insert it into the drive and start the setup, so that we can often install the drivers for the Ethernet network card, drivers for the sector and any other audio on the CD.
Here we must be careful to choose only between the models of our proposed hardware motherboard, since the CD could contenre multiple drivers for different models.

If the procedure does not start in autorun automatically, we must search for the folder with the driver we are interested in, for example windows7 64bit, and run the executable file present in it.
The system will analyze the drivers and will install it if it is correct, and the procedure is completed, there will often be asked to reboot the PC, let’s do it.

2) If you do not have the CD, or if the drivers are several years old, you need to connect to the motherboard manufacturer’s site, and select both the model and the operating system that we installed and if 32 or 64 bits. Given the increasing number of models and codes, you must pay attention to all these data, as well as the “revision” of the card, since the same model may have been built some variations, which may require different drivers.

For example you might see written on the box: ABIT NF7 rev 2.0 in this case is the Abit brand, the NFL model and the 2.0 revision, so the site we find this exact model.
After you download the correct driver, most drivers are single executable file, double click and start the installation, if we receive error messages or consistency, it means that the driver is not right, or that the model motherboard or chipset is different, re-check.
If the file is compressed formats like RAR or ZIP, unzip the files in a folder, and then we click on the file. Exe, for example, setup.exe or install.exe.

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