Driver Genius Professional

Update all drivers automatically
and without any time waste!

Install any Windows version quickly thanks to drivers backup!

Driver Genius Professional (now replaced with Smart Driver Updater) is the best solution for a quick and safe update of all device drivers and hardwares on the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Driver Genius search engine takes a few seconds to recognize the drivers that have to be updated; thus forget long hours spending in searching the right driver, when available by the manufacturer, it can be downloaded right away! The wide online database includes drivers of all types, so you can update all your PCs with different versions of Windows, from the latest Windows 10/8/7 to the old Vista or XP.
Thanks to the diagnostic scan, it’s easy to check drivers conflicts and solve the situation automatically, without looking for the correct drivers on hardware manufacturer websites!
And with Live Update you’ll always have the latest drivers available!

Drivers updating is now easy! You’ll always have the latest drivers! Without wasting time on manufactures websites! Follow the guide to download every driver that you need in few seconds! Without doing any research on the Internet!

 Driver Backup and Restore. Immediately save all drivers on your hard disk for the near future: Try it now! Stop searching CD drivers or websites when you have to reinstall your operating system. When you need to restore it on your PC, when you have to reinstall any windows version to have a new Windows installation again, all the operations will be faster than before.

 Make your life easier! Thank to the driver uninstall built in function. Fast download, backup and restoration of old drivers saved previously, never lose a driver again! No need to look for old mainboard or devices CDs with drivers!

 Professional. The clone function is suitable for people who need to make multiple installations. Enter the same driver on multiple computers without wasting time. A PC technician can’t do it better!

Performances. Updated drivers for a faster PC, with the new and powerful video cards thanks to Driver Genius Professional edition! Your videogames will appreciate it!! and you’ll never miss a frame or a shadow!

Diagnostic. You can now understand the reason why a device doesn’t work and download the right driver without failing! If you have got a problem with a device, and see a yellow mark on control panel, run the scan and wait the answer.

Don’t want Windows 10/8 anymore? no problem! you can downgrade your last operating system to previous versions such as Windows 7 or XP.

The driver scan is free!
try and discover what drivers need updating!

Buy safely program, with either credit card or through Paypal for only $ 29.95

Driver Genius guide to fast driver download

After you download and install Driver Genius Professional (now replaced with Smart Driver Updater), launch the program using its icon in the dekstop, or via the Windows Start menu. If the program is installed for the first time, ask the driver database update, press yes, taking care to be connected to the Internet and the program will automatically download the necessary updates. Press Finish at the end and the program will start.

At Driver Genius start, press the Start Scan button to start the full scan of your PC.


After a few seconds the software will have surveyed all of the devices and the hardware in your computer, with the latest driver available from the manufacturer, and will show a screen with the situation for each component that needs to be updated:
To resolve all issues identified and download all the drivers automatically fix’s, press the Fix button now, it will ask you to register your software on the manufacturer in order to access the full version of the program.


You must enter name and surname, e-mail address and ZIP code. After the payment, the program activation code will be sent to the email address you indicated.