Driver for Ethernet Controller

Ethernet technology is used for the interconnection of LAN – Local Area Network – based on sending packets, the Ethernet controller is the network card, and is usually integrated directly on the motherboard of the computer is that dekstop laptop.

Like all devices, requires special drivers to work properly, if you have any malfunctions or yellow exclamation points in the hardware section, it means that the driver is missing or is not the right one for your network card or the operating system .
The drivers for XP and Vista in fact rarely will the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 and vice versa, must then consider whether the version of the operating system is 32 or 64 bits.

How to proceed in case of faulty Ethernet controller:

1) On the manufacturer’s website you need to know the name and the model of the network adapter and the detailed model, but if you do not know the name of your card you can groped to use the¬†Everest program, that tells you the name of the model installed on your PC.
2) Go to Control Panel> Device Manager> Network Adapters
and ask them to update the driver, but lets connect to the Internet to download the driver to see if Windows finds the correct driver, but unfortunately almost never updated.

To find the latest driver for the Ethernet controller uses as always for all drivers, the software Driver Genius professional.

Technical explanation:

The Ethernet controller defines the connection to electrical signals at the physical level and is formed from the packet level protocol for the medium access control (MAC, MAC) the OSI model. Ethernet was standardized by the IEEE as 802.3 in the 90s, and was the most widespread LAN technology and took most of the space of other networking standards such as Token Ring, FDDI, and ARCNET.

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