Driver for AMD and Intel CPUs

The heart of our system is the processor, an element that we often take for granted and which we do not care that much, the important thing is to have multiple cores and is powerful

Indeed, even though it may seem strange to have come out in the past, and still come out, patches, and software drivers for the CPU, especially for AMD but in some cases even for Intel. Sopratuttto for Windows XP came out many drivers for the Athlon, which improved a lot performance 3D and video games, as well as allowing in some cases better overvolt, overclocking the CPU. Even NGLI recent years with Windows seven were released several patches for newer processors like Phenom FX, and with 2, 4 or more cores.

Having the last dirver for the processor means often decrease the heat produced, so that a real processor and more stable with operating temperatures lower especially in summer! thanks to lower voltages socket that houses the processors
The performance gains are sometimes of a few% but in some cases also arrive more than 10%, measures of all respect sopratuttto in the case of notebook, which often work at lower frequencies and for which the heat produced and the energy consumed make l ‘ application of the patch just came out much more critical.

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