Asus driver for Webcam

Almost all Asus laptops built into a comfortable integrated webcam to better manage multimedia connections for chat styles or programs like Skype or Msn Messenger.

Usually the Asus webcam drivers can be found on the notebook attached to the notebook, although they may be a bit old they should go well, if you want more recent ones you have to go to the Asus site for voice support and downloads.
Problems can arise when you change your operating system, or if you accidentally uninstalled drivers without making new ones, in this case making video calls or taking pictures might become impossible.

A symptom of any problems is the non-functioning of the Asus Lifeframe program, which does not start or signal that “the camera is used by another program” or that it has no video signals.
In some cases it may also be a video codec problem, which I need to be up-to-date, but most of the time the driver needs to be updated based on the operating system currently in use. If you have not been able to find the right driver or you are not installing for compatibility problems, use as always Genius Driver downloading it from this site and you will be cautiously scanning that will also alert you to any missing drivers.

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